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About Jen

“Our family rescued a very spirited dog and I was at my wits end with my kids and the dog.  Jennifer with 3 Dog Training taught me and my dog Dragon what we needed to live happily together.  Dragon used to growl at us and barked all the time.  After training he is now better behaved and a much loved member of our family.  Thanks Jennifer!!!"  ​

Debby, Dragon's owner

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I've loved dogs my entire life (I begged my veterinarian to hire me at 13 years old) and despite starting a different career after college, I found myself needing to be around animals. After volunteering for an animal rescue, I started training dogs in early 2001 when I began working for a well-known trainer and animal rescuer who had his own boarding/training business. 
I’ve worked with all breeds and temperaments, from a happy, energetic Golden Retriever to a German Shepherd that thought he was the boss and wasn’t afraid to show it to a multitude of rescues with unknown, sketchy histories. I’ve managed a 5 star boarding/training facility featuring doggie daycare, boarding, training, grooming and a wellness center. And I’ve also managed the animal rescue which helped expand my knowledge of rescued animals and some of the issues they sometimes come with.

I've done Pet Therapy with my own dog, trained other dogs for Pet Therapy work, worked with Service Animals, trained individuals to become dog trainers, educated children on dog safety, and educated adults on responsible pet ownership.

​Training dogs has always been one of my passions, and opening up my own business in Simi Valley has been very rewarding. I’m the mother of two wonderful children and an energetic Golden Retriever mix so I know what it’s like to balance family and pets. (We lost our 3 beloved dogs over the last few years that were the namesake of my business.) 

I continue to evolve as a trainer and it is my desire to pass on my knowledge and experience to you so that communicating with your dog is natural and makes sense. 

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