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Private In-Home Training Lessons*
Individual sessions for one dog - $100

(first session may last up to 2 hours, additional sessions generally last 1 - 1 1/2 hrs)

Individual sessions for two dogs - $125

6 week Basic Obedience Course

$100 for first session and $80 for additional sessions - $500 total

Each additional dog - $25/session

Intermediate or Advanced Training
Same price as individual sessions since number of sessions depends on dog's previous training and owner's goals. 

In-Home Puppy Training

First Consultation/Session (may last up to 2 hours) - $100

Day Camp Training
First Consultation (at owner's location) - $50 

​Day Training (training is done at trainer's location) - $150

Private Lesson(s) with Owner - $80

Group Classes
​There are no group classes scheduled at this time. 

​​​* Please note that for private lessons, I charge by the session and not by the hour. Some sessions may last longer if extra time is needed. 
Additional fees may incur for traveling to cities outside of Conejo Valley.