This is the perfect solution for busy but knowledgeable owners who don't have the time to work on training their dog on a daily basis themselves. (I don't recommend this type of training for first time dog owners.) Offered in the Simi Valley, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks areas, your dog or puppy can get picked up and brought to the trainer's house for a day's worth of training and socializing. Your dog is then returned to you later in the day. In addition to basic obedience, your dog will get to socialize with other dogs as well as work on walking nicely on a leash, in-home manners, patience, name recognition for puppies, and housebreaking as needed. 

​The number of sessions depends on the owner's goals and the rate at which the dog learns. First is an initial evaluation to determine how many lessons are needed and to evaluate the dog's personality. Only dogs social with children and other pets will be accepted. 

At least one final session at the owner's home is required to transfer the training knowledge to the dog's family.
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For the owner and canine who have already mastered basic obedience. (An evaluation is required to determine level of control.) Heavy emphasis placed on boundaries as well as attention and response during high level distractions. Off-leash and/or light line work to be expected. The frequency and total number of sessions depends on your goals, how consistently you work with your dog in between sessions, the rate at which your dog learns, and the state of the dog when training commences.

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I will now be offering group classes from time to time. This will give you a chance to work on basic obedience around other dogs and humans. As I am just starting to offer this training option, the classes will be based upon how much interest I have. Please fill out a training request if you are interested in joining a group class. 

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​*There are no group classes scheduled at the moment. 

For the dog with little to no training. If your dog doesn't listen to commands the first time on a consistent basis or you want to improve your dog's response to commands without always relying on a treat, this course is for you.
6-week course
Lessons are given once a week. Owner is responsible for homework between sessions. By the end of the course, your dog will walk perfectly with a loose leash both with and without distractions. You can also expect your dog to have a higher level of patience, understand boundaries, respond to sit, down, stay and come the first time you give the command. You will have tools to problem solve issues such as jumping, chewing, poor front door manners, lack of patience, housebreaking, attitude, stealing food, etc. 
* If your dog has some previous training, it may take less than 6 weeks to achieve your goals. 

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Advanced/Intermediate Training

3 Dog Training specializes in private in-home obedience training as well as group classes. I am now offering Day School Training as well. Find out more below...

Sometimes owners have a problem area that they wish to work on, but their dog's overall obedience is decent. Does your dog still pull on the leash? Is your dog reactive to others on leash? Does your dog show signs of anxiety or aggressiveness?  If your dog is exhibiting undesirable behavior despite previous training attempts, scheduling one initial session can help me determine the cause of the behavior and what needs to be done to resolve it. Understanding your dog's personality, what triggers cause the behavior, how he best learns and the level of your handling skills are key in setting up a training schedule that proves the most successful. 

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Day Camp Training

Beginning In-Home Puppy Session - A 2 hour session to go over all puppy basics, including housebreaking, crate training, health, puppy proofing, socialization, how to play properly, setting up a schedule, beginning training, personality evaluation, chewing, biting and more. This is a great session for puppy owners who want to get started before their dog has his/her complete set of shots. 

Puppy Kindergarten/Socialization Class - This 4 week class allows puppies that aren't quite ready for a basic obedience course to socialize with other puppies while owners learn valuable puppy training skills. Class is located at The Naked Dog off Madera Rd. 
For more information about puppy training and to view videos, click here

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Dog Training Programs

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Puppy Training

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